Roasted spiced chole – Perfect snack time treat

Chole aka garbanzo beans are very much commonly used in Indian cooking. You can make chole curry, salad, chaat and what not! But this is first time I have tried roasting chole and I loved it. It’s like healthy munch on snack to me. Crunchy and light!

This recipe is very versatile. You can pick whatever seasonings you want to. Sweet, savory, salty, spicy whatever you wish for. Here I have used the combination of smoked paprika and roasted cumin powder with bit of garlicky hint…and it’s yummm! Just make sure not to put too much salt otherwise you won’t enjoy it.

And if you do not like canned beans then you can soak and boil your beans from scratch. Just soak beans overnight or at least for 8 hours and then pressure cook it for about 12-15 minutes (5-6 whistles) on high heat. Once cooked, let it cool down and carry on with roasting procedure.

Once roasted let it cool down and garnish with some cilantro and aahh drizzle some lemon/lime juice…and enjoy the treat.


Here I have used canned organic garbanzo beans and I know sometimes canned products do not taste great. But that is why I recommend using organic BPA free canned products.