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Curry spiced Quinoa Granola – Light healthy snack

New Year, new resolutions and new YOU! First of all wishing all of my ZaikaZabardast readers A very Happy 2013. Hope this year will fulfill all your wishes to fulfill your few or… Continue reading

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Roasted spiced chole – Perfect snack time treat

Chole aka garbanzo beans are very much commonly used in Indian cooking. You can make chole curry, salad, chaat and what not! But this is first time I have tried roasting chole and… Continue reading

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Pav-Bhaji or Bhaji-Pav It’s the same!!

Don’t get confused with the name!!  Because in Gujarat we call it Bhaji-pav and almost rest of the India calls it Pav-Bhaji. But it’s all the same. All that matters is the proper… Continue reading

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