Cupcake Palooza

Right now while I am writing this post (and it is way pass 12) I am baking my 4th batch of cupcakes. And I still have few more to go before I go to sleep.

We already gobbled up some of these Pina colada cupcakes that baked this afternoon but we do not have any intention to eat dozens of them and get high on sugar. I really hope we don’t do that – someone please  hide it from us!! 🙂  Because I need to save them for tomorrow’s event “Cupcake Palooza”! Yes, I am participating with two other blogger friends in this charity event organized by Adobe real estate for “The benefit for books from birth of Middle Tennessee”. This is the first time I am going to share my cupcakes with outsiders – by that meant totally unknown people. I am kindaa nervous but excited. So this is what we are planning to serve. Angela of Spinachtiger is making her Coconut cupcakes, while Angie of Angie’s sweet natured treats is making her Tropical carrot cupcakes and yours truly is making her favorite Pina colada cupcakes (it’s filled with pineapple curd – shhhh it’s DELICIOUS!!).

So here’s the deal if you want to attend the event and try out our delicious cupcakes!

If you are in Nashville then you should not miss this event. It’s all about charity and in return you get to eat lots of cupcakes. Now that’s a sweet deal, isn’t it?

Come over, it’s for a good cause 🙂

Hoping to see some of you there.

Wish me luck!



p.s. Sorry I have been really busy lately and that is why I haven’t posted anything. But I just came back from the most amazing conference last weekend and I can’t wait to share my experience. Stay tuned for next post and I promise it will be veryyy soon.