New year, new recipe, new look – Celebrating 1st birthday with no-bake chocolate pudding!

What a wonderful year it has been! Who knew blogging will introduce me to so many new friends. Yes, I am talking about you guys! Last week my blog turned ONE. So today I am celebrating my blog’s 1st birthday no-bake chocolate pudding and hey, how do you like this new changed look of the site?

As I take a look back on last year of blogging, I am pretty amazed and surprised to see what I have achieved. At first, I was not even sure with whether I was ready to maintain a blog or not but now at this point, blogging is a part of my life. And I am enjoying every bit of it.

Cooking has been my passion since childhood but who knew I can write and take food photographs? Who knew I will get to attend the most amazing food blogging conferences? Who knew I will make some amazing friends – yes, I am talking about you guys. And who knew I can create an ice-cream out of tomatoes? Well it all happened, just because of this blog and your continuous love and encouragement. So I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Nothing can ever take place of dessert when it is time for celebration, does it? So to celebrate my blog’s 1st birthday I have prepared this No-bake chocolate bread pudding that I tried for the first time on our first Valentine’s day in 2006. Wow – long time it is! And after that I kept making it for some special occasions, some potlucks etc… Friends and family loved it.

And I don’t know why haven’t I shared it here till now? May be it was meant to be shared on this special day! But whatever it is, this is the easiest recipe that any of your family members can make it and totally please the crowd.

All you need to make this delicious pudding is a whole wheat French bread, heavy whipping cream, vanilla, fruits, sugar and cocoa powder. And nuts are optional. So here you go!

No-Bake Chocolate pudding

Yields: 6-8 people

Total time: 15-20 minutes plus an hour or two to chill the pudding

“No-bake chocolate pudding”

“Process 1”

“Process 2”

See I told you that it was easy!

An now some exciting Announcement: As a part of my blog’s birthday celebration, I have some fabulous giveaways lined up – to be more precise SIX 🙂 So stay tuned for next 6 recipes in next 3 weeks and enter to win some fabulous giveaways. Here’s a sneak peek!

I am very much looking forward to celebrate more and more years of blogging with you guys. Again, thank you very much.

p.s. I will appreciate if you let me know your honest opinion about the new look of the site.