Orange Chili pistachio truffles – A guest post for Sunshineandsmile

Today I am so excited to share my very first guest post for my dear friend Kankana! I have made these delicious Orange chili pistachio truffles especially for her beautiful space Sunshineandsmile.

Kankana – What should I tell you about this girl? Should I talk about her blog/her cheerful personality or her amazing photography? Well let’s begin with her cheerful personality. She is always full of energy. You can literally sense positive energy every time she is talking to you. Well by talk I meant chat. Yes, we are chat buddies. I only know her through our little blogging world and I am glad I do.

Her blog Sunshineandsmile is just 5 months older than ZaikaZabardast but Oh boy! Look at her! Sky is the limit I guess! I love her recipes and LOVE Love love her photography. She is not only a pro in food photography but she captures beautiful travel photographs. She has an ability to showcase new places in such a beautiful way that it will want you to visit the place that was captured by her. For example her visit to Hong Kong or her hometown post on Calcutta. I haven’t been to either places but after looking at her pictures I want to go there. Brilliant! Well check out her blog yourself and I know we will be on the same page. Her dedication for her passion makes her very very special and I am honored to share my recipe on her blog today. Kankana dear, Thank you.

For recipe, please visit my post here and don’t forget to say Hello to Sunshineandsmile!