Fada- Lapsi: A delicious dessert of broken wheat/Bulgur

Is there any other way to celebrate a new phase in your life than dessert??

What if I say that you do not need to wait to eat this dessert till you finish your dinner? Yes, you heard it right! You can have this delicious dessert along with your main course.

Fada Lapsi is a very traditional dessert of Western India especially for Gujarati community. This dessert is made during very auspicious occasions. Like buying a new house, getting married etc…It’s like a ritual. It is a very first thing a Newlywed bride makes at her husband’s place. It is just one of the way to impress her in-laws since the whole family will be trying her food for the first time. It says that it is very auspicious for her to make this and feed them.

You must be wondering what exactly the Fada-Lapsi means? So the Fada means Broken Wheat and Lapsi is a type of dessert made out of fada (broken wheat), ghee (clarified butter), nuts, cardamom, sugar and water. Fada is also called “Dalia” in Northern India.

Normally Lapsi is cooked in a Pan with water/jaggery  or milk/sugar. This requires your full attention. But I prefer the way my mom makes it which is Pressure cooking Fada with Water and Sugar combination.

Believe me guys every member in your family is going to love this.

It is not too sweet not too greasy. It is very balanced and nutritious.


Preparation Time: 5 min.
Cooking Time: 20 min.
Yield: 4 servings


  • ½ cup broken wheat (dalia)
  • ½ cup sugar
  • ¼ cup Ghee (Purified butter)
  • 1 tsp Green cardamom (elaichi) powder
  • 1 ¼ cup hot water
  • ¼ cup Mixed Nuts (Chopped Almonds/Raisin)


Heat ghee in a pressure cooker and fry the broken wheat, stirring continuously till it is golden brown in color. Meanwhile, heat water in microwave/another pan till hot.

"Fada-Lapsi" Cooking Procedure

Now when fada is golden brown in color, add nuts, sugar & half of the cardamom powder and stir well. {This time your house is going to smell so nice with the aroma of cardamom and wheat that you will feel like eating it right away!! But wait you got to let it cook first}.

When it is all mixed well, Add hot water and mix well. When water starts to boil pressure cook it for about 10 minutes (5 whistles). Let the pressure cooker rest and do its work. When Pressure cooker stops making any noise, it is safe to open. Do not rush…Have patience.

If your lapsi seems to be watery let it cook on law flame till water evaporates. Make sure your lapsi is not too dry or too watery.

Serve hot. It goes very well with Aloo-Puri! So Enjoy. I guarantee that every member in your family going to Enjoy this dessert which can be eaten with main course.  Enjoy!!

For the recipe of Aloo-Puri stay tuned!!