Few resolutions and lots of goals!

It’s already a second week of 2012…wow…first one is already gone! So quick! How was your first week of 2012? Did you make any resolutions? I know resolutions are supposed to be made on the first day of New Year…but I wanted to take it slow. Did not wanted to hurry, you know!

So here’s the thing, Every year I make resolutions and most of the time I fail to achieve them…shhhhh I just told you my secret…oops!!But this year it’s different. After giving it some serious thinking, I jotted down “the list of things” that I really want to accomplish in 2012. And this year I am determined to check them off my list!! 

So what if my list is prettyyyyy long (Oh yeah, it’s long), I think with some motivation and support I can do it. Yes, we I can! (Love it when OBAMA says it!).

First of all, what is my resolution? My resolution this year is to “Stick to my Resolutions”!! And here “the list” begins…

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Few personal resolutions:

  1. Call my parents twice a week and stay connected. (I am very bad at this, sometimes I will call them once in 10 days and then I will feel guilty) But no more guilty, I am going to call them twice a week. That’s it.
  2. Start doing Meditation: For my peace of mind. (Much needed).
  3. Volunteer : It’s good to give back, isn’t it?

Some health related resolutions:

  1. I want to start “Juice cleanse fast” once every two months. Yup! Following the new trend!! It’s a method of detoxification. Have you ever done that? I will appreciate your suggestions.

  2. Use more organic products (If affordable).

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  3. Eat at least ONE fruit a day – sounds weird but I just do not like to eat raw fruit. Although I can eat fruit crisps which is full of sugar :( But NO, I want to change it. A fruit a day, YES!
  4. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day – I just drink 3-4 glasses of water a day that’s all. Need to change my habit.
  5. Eat more salads and soups.
  6. Motivate myself to EXERCISE. My last year’s resolution that I failed to do :(

    OOPS is that me??? Image courtesy: foodstorageandbeyond.com

And some blog related resolutions:

  1. Participate in Daring bakers and Daring cooks challenge EVERY month. That means two new challenges every month. How exciting and challenging!! 
  2. Set up a photo studio at affordable price, try it if it works and if not THEN buy one. I want to shoot at night. So much-needed!

  3. Post more recipes. At least 10 a month. 
  4. Cook/bake from the cookbooks and magazines that are piled up and I haven’t used them in years.

    Image: Google and resources

Now here are some of the cooking and baking goals that will help me achieve my blog related resolutions.

Cooking goals:

    1. Learn how to cook an artichoke – Yup, never done that so I want to learn how to cook that big flower type looking vegetable.

      Image courtesy: Google and sources

    2. Make vegetarian sushi. Not a big fan of it but want to try it.
    3. Try new vegetables like fennel, leek, kale, brussel sprouts etc… in my everyday cooking.
    4. Make homemade cheese like Ricotta/Mozzarella cheese…may be goat cheese. Fun!

      Image courtesy: Google and sources

    5. Tamales – How is it? I know what it is but never had it. How is it?? 
    6. Make perfect Mo-mos/Dumplings (It’s harder than u think!)

      Image courtesy: nowthatscookin.com n tibetdiscovery.com

    7. Make homemade pasta (Any type) including stuffed ravioli…no eggs!

      Image courtesy:life123.com and mollyseatsandtreats.blogspot.com

Baking goals:

  1. Bake Eggless pound cake – read again I said EGGLESS
  2. Make an Ice-cream cake….mmmm

    Image courtesy: realsimple.com and tishboyle.blogspot.com

  3. Learn how to make a perfect bread – that includes French baguette, Regular wheat bread, Regular white bread, bread rolls and Sour dough bread etc…

    Image courtesy: Google and sources

  4. Make perfect Eggless Tiramisu (That means I even have to bake eggless ladyfingers)
  5. Make perfect looking beautiful and healthy Fruit charlotte

    Image courtesy: cilantropist.com and verybestbaking.com

  6. Make soft, yummy, filled and plain eggless doughnuts – yes, EGGLESS
  7. Make stuffed Cannoli without using eggs and lard

    Image courtesy: sipsandspoonfuls.com n chefinyou.com

  8. Make vegetarian fondant and make decorate beautiful cakes, cupcakes and possibilities are endless.
    Image courtesy : Thecupcakeblog.com and clockworklemon.com

    Pheewww…. That’s it I guess! Now it’s time to get back into an action so I can check them OFF my list!

    So what do you think? Hey what are your resolutions and goals? Share it with me! May be we can help each other.

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